Step into your Divinity Coaching & Mentoring

Through my coaching and mentoring sessions I can help you heal and release self- sabotaging patterns, align with your soul’s calling, recognise your Divine Gifts and step wholeheartedly into your Divinity.

Together in harmony with the Power of Divine Love, YOU will manifest the life of your dreams.

Let me hold your hand and take you on a beautiful journey.

Today is the first day of the rest of your Amaze balls life. I am excited for you.

Your soul sister and friend.

Kelly Walsh/Positivity Princess Kelly xxx


Coming soon Time to Shine Coaching packages

Your dreams and desires are so needed in the world. I will love, guide and support you every step of the way to achieve your goals.
Together we will work on harnessing and understanding the Power of Divine love in your own life and you will gain a deeper understanding of the power of your thoughts, both positive and negative, and their effects on your daily life and reality.
I will share with you all the tips and tools I used to transform my life and in the process empower you to transform your life and step wholeheartedly into your Divinity and shine so bright that everyone around you will need to wear sunglasses.
Divine Positivity Power is your birth right.
Its miracle manifestation time and I am super excited for you.
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Coming soon Time to Shine Club

Time to Shine Club is all about YOU! Empowering you to be all that Divinity has created you to be!
The TTS Club will be run via a private Facebook group and online conferencing platform zoom.
The TTS club is set up to love, guide and support you to achieve all that your heart and soul desires.

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