A Little About Me

I live in Manchester with my soul mate, best friend and rock Neil and our angel doggy Coco. Well I say angel. She is most of time, except when she turns into Devil Dog and eats my favourite pair of shoes. I am also blessed to have two wonderful step sons, be part of an awesome alternative family and have lots of amazing friends from around the world.

I am a published author, public speaker, and ‘Step into your Divinity’ coach & mentor. I am also the founder of the Positivity Power Movement fuelling the activity of the Love Care Share charitable foundation aimed at making a positive difference in children’s lives around the world.

Friends would describe me as wacky, wonderful with a big heart and personality. A ray of sunshine who lights up a room!

My partner would describe me the same way but would hasten to add to that I am Miss Messy! Have to agree! Domestic Goddess I am NOT!

In My Younger Days

I came kicking and screaming into this world in November 1975 and was named Kelly Michelle Walsh. As a little girl I had an obsession with Wonder Woman and often wore her replica outfit. Like most children, I believed in super powers and our ability to change the world. I still do! But more about that later.

Beyond that I have little to no memory of my early childhood, but what I do know, is that I always felt different. Like I didn’t quite fit. What I can tell you, is that like a lot of children, I grew up with deep rooted emotional issues that affected my ability to truly love and accept myself. Outwardly, I appeared happy with a big smile on my face; but that was a mask I often wore to conceal the pain of my breaking heart. Plagued with insecurity, and a deep, unfulfilled need to be loved and accepted, I developed an eating disorder at the age of 16, dabbled in recreational drugs and in my twenties suffered with periods of severe fight or flight anxiety coupled with depression. At times the pain and anguish got so bad, that I couldn’t sleep for weeks at a time. It would literally feel like sheer torture. I remember just wanting to shut my eyes and to never wake up again.

My Life Changed Forever

On the 9th October 2009, aged 33, life got too much to cope with and I took a huge overdose and tried to end my physical life. In hospital I had a profound Near Death Experience, travelled through 7 dimensions, experienced the Power of Divine Love and was told by Divinity that it wasn’t my time, I still had important work to carry out. My earthly mission was not yet accomplished.

A week later, I miraculously walked out of hospital, fully healed. Physically restored by Divine Love but with emotional and spiritual healing still to do. I now look back on the years since my NDE and realise I have been on a deep and profound healing journey back to the Divine love I experienced in spirit. Through my darkness I have found my light which has become my Divine Positivity Power.

The experience changed me. I now know God’s unconditional love to be true. I know that at a soul level we are all love. We are all reflections of Divinity and the day we see each other at a soul level is the day will be released from all man-made fear. We will be able to rejoice that Heaven is already here and with that level of consciousness, we will create Peace on earth.

My Journey Since

I can’t say my life since my NDE has all been plain sailing. It hasn’t. Like most people, it’s been a journey of highs and lows including the loss of my dearly loved Dad to suicide in 2015. The pain I felt when we got the call to say he had hung himself is indescribable. However I truly believe the wisdom I gained during my NDE has helped me to deal with his passing and family breakdown in a far more peaceful way than I would have done otherwise. I know life is eternal and we will one day be reunited.

I feel intuitively that in his own unique way, Dad left the Earth plane in order to set me free. I realise that I have been seeking external love and acceptance my whole life when the person I really needed to seek it from was me. My life experiences have made me who I am, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I believe I chose this path coming into this world so that one day, I’d be in a position to help others with their own healing journey to self-love and acceptance. Ultimately, we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. At times, our lives can be painful, but I truly believe that all our experiences, including pain and suffering, are perfectly orchestrated to help us to learn, grow and develop. It’s only when we go home that everything finally makes full sense. It is worth always remembering that no matter what challenges you face, you are love – and are loved unconditionally; we all are.

My Passions

I am passionate about raising awareness of suicide, and speaking openly and honestly about my experience at both ends of the spectrum. I believe more suicides could be prevented if people understood that it is impossible to end life. Our spirits continue after physical death to face the same issues we had difficulty with on the Earth plane. At some point, everything must be faced; either through continued healing in the various dimensions, or during our next incarnation. Surely it is better to stay in the physical body with your loved ones around you, and work through your problems so you can mend what needs to be healed, rather than ending your physical life? Perhaps if I had spoken to my Dad about this in more detail he would still be with us today? Who knows for sure, but I am 100% certain of God’s unconditional love and that my Dad is continuing to grow and heal in spirit. I have had it confirmed by a gifted spiritualist Hazel Angina that my dad has had his life review and he now understands all the stuff I used to talk about.  This made me smile. 

I hope my words help ease the pain and suffering of those who have lost someone; allowing them to understand that  their loved ones are not banished to a life in purgatory, and that one day they will meet them again. It’s time to end the stigma associated with mental health issues and suicide. We need to encourage people to speak openly and honestly about their feelings rather than hide them, like a dark guilty secret.

I believe most people’s issues stem from an element of low self-esteem perhaps from childhood experiences. Broken adults often create broken children, and the cycle continues.

To break this pattern we have to make all children realise how truly special, beautiful, and amazing they are. We have a duty of care to help them develop healthy, happy, hearts, minds, bodies, souls and a positive outlook from birth. Education should not be solely focused on academia. It should be more holistic, addressing life skills, creativity, and teaching children how to love themselves and each other unconditionally.

My Beliefs

I have experienced the transformational Power of Divine Love in my own life. It is without doubt the greatest healing modality on the planet. I am living testimony of this.

Through the Power of Divine love we can heal ourselves and transcend all our earthly fears, to live a harmonious, joyful and peaceful life.

Since my NDE I have been reading books on spirituality and the Power of Positivity and had the privilege of training with the Sue Stone Foundation. Studying the Power of Positivity, which I believe is the Power of Divine love in different packaging, has enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of the power of our thoughts, both positive and negative, and their effects on our daily lives and reality.

I have come to realise that it is not our life experiences, perceived as good or bad that define us but the way we think about our experiences and act upon them.

For many years I was on a course of self-destruction because I held on to a childhood core belief that I was not worthy or loveable.

These feelings of unworthiness forced me to push myself to extremes, making decisions that were not love based but ultimately based in fear.

Fear of not being successful enough.

Fear of not being good enough

Fear of not be lovable enough ……….. the list could go on!

It was only when I had my heart, mind and soul opened to the power of Divine Love that my life really began to change.

By learning to love and accept myself as Divinity loves and accepts me, I allowed the miracle of creation to start working through me.

Divine love has no room for negativity or fear because its whole essence is positive, kind, joyful and loving.

We are wrapped in loving protection at all times. Nothing is hidden from Divinity. It knows everything about us, and holds no judgement but instead loves us unconditionally.

I believe our ultimate path and purpose is to learn love ourselves and each other as Divinity does and stand side by side in love and friendship to SHINE LIKE THE STARS WE WERE BORN TO BE.

My Purpose

It has taken me over 41 years, a Near Death Experience and the loss of my Dad to finally learn to love and accept me just the way I am. If I can do it anyone can!

We can all experience unconditional love, acceptance and joy. It is my souls purpose to help others recognise and embrace their own Divinity.

If you have lost your way, as I did, let me hold your hand and take you on a amazing journey. Your unique authentic self is a Divine Blessing and its time for you to Shine!

Through my coaching and mentoring sessions I can help you heal and release self- sabotaging patterns, align with your soul’s calling, recognise your Divine Gifts and step wholeheartedly into your Divinity.

Together in harmony with the Power of Divine Love, you will manifest the life of your dreams

Today is the first day of the rest of your Amaze balls life. I am excited for you.

Never Ever Forget

You are perfect imperfection in the eyes of Divinity. A perfect work in perfect progress. You may stumble, you may fall but the real power lies in getting back up. Your Vision is your Mission.

Ask, Believe, Receive and always have trust and faith in the Power of Divine love to guide you to the most perfect outcome. Your dreams and desires are so needed in this world. They are your Divine gifts to humanity.

When you light up the world lights up with you. It is time to step out and shine your love, light and positivity power bright.

Now put on your crown and wear it with pride! The more we love, the more we care, the more we share and together through positivity Power we change the world.

Love and angel hugs, your soul sister and friend,

Kelly Walsh/ Positivity Princess Kelly xxx