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My Journey From Darkness To Light

Nothing happens by chance or fate. Our paths are crossing for a reason. The real reason for our connection may not yet be apparent but as always, will unfold in the exact way that it is meant to. I look forward to whatever Divinity has in store for us and will be forever grateful for us being guided together.

It is my profound joy and gift to the world to help others recognise and embrace their own Divinity so that they may spread their wings and fly and shine like the stars we are all born to be!

We Are All Reflections Of Divinity


A Near-Death Experience helped me to understand that when we learn to love and accept ourselves as Divinity loves and accepts us, our hearts, minds and souls are opened to allow the miracle of creation to start working with us and through us.  Miracle Manifestations abound!

The more we love, the more we care, the more we share and together through Positivity Power we change the world.

Love & Angel hugs,

Your soul sister and friend

Kelly Walsh/Positivity Princess Kelly xxx

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Following my Near-Death Experience in 2009 I shouted out 9 significant words.

‘Like- minded souls will collaborate to change the world.’

I always knew one day I would be sharing my story in collaboration with others to make a positive difference in the world.

My first book co- written with Dr Penny Sartori in collaboration with twenty two other contributors from around the world is available to buy from AMAZON, BARNES AND NOBLE, WHSMITHS, THE BOOK DEPOSITORY WATERSTONES.

All the royalties received from our worldwide book sales will support projects aimed at making a positive difference in children’s lives through the work of our charitable foundation.


Sheena Mills – Burnley UK

Having met Kelly a number of years ago,I was struck by her positive outlook on life, her belief that we all have our own individual journeys and that from those journeys we all learn something. This has helped me immensely. Instead of thinking negatively about situations, or hard times that I came across I looked at it with a more positive attitude and took from it what I had learned. Taking this approach has stopped me from dwelling on the past and has helped me to understand myself and my journey

Barbara Mango, Ph.D. Author, Researcher, Speaker

Kelly is one of the most inspirational individuals I have ever known. In a world full of ego, she is ego-less. I believe true empathy is a rare trait; you either have it or you don’t. Every fiber of Kelly’s being is empathic, authentic, and loving. She cares deeply about each and every individual. Her infectious humour will make you laugh, her kindness will touch your soul. Her life is dedicated to empowering others to love and accept themselves. I urge you to get in touch with her today – she will truly change your life forever!

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